A morning walk around Horta


Barcelona has retained many quaint spots that are not “centred” in the centre. Some of them are hidden away in Horta, one of the villages annexed to Barcelona in 1904. The Parc del Laberint, and its old public laundry basins are both worth seeing on a springtime stroll. One morning when you feel like breathing in the scent of spring, when you leave your hotel, we suggest a short trip to the neighbourhood of Horta, situated in one of the hillier areas of Barcelona. You just take Metro Line 3 (the green line) from any stop, and get off at Mundet station

The Parc del Laberint

From here you can walk to the Parc del Laberint (Passeig dels Castanyers, 1), the oldest park in Barcelona, dating back to 1791 and located in the hills of Collserola. What’s so special about it? As its name suggests, it has a labyrinth – a maze – constructed with cypress hedges. Itis still a favourite place to play for children and couples. There’s no surprise then that when you find the middle, a sculpture of Eros awaits.. The remainder of the walk takes you past sculptures and neoclassical and romantic pavilions scattered around the gardens, until you reach the old mansion house.

The laundry basins of Aiguafreda

This route through a green and blue experience of Barcelona now takes you to Carrer Aiguafreda, on another journey back in time. On this street, you can still find some of the old laundry basins used by professional laundrywomen, before washing machines were invented. The name Aiguafreda (cold water) comes from the fact that under the street, there was a stream of cold water that came up from the wells. Since the 18th century, this area was considered Barcelona’s “laundrette”, where the well-to-do classes sent their clothes to be washed.

And to finish…

A sandwich at Quimet d’Horta, a well-known traditional bar that was founded in 1927 and is always full, thanks to the quality of its food and location in a corner of Plaça Eivissa.

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