Montjuic Park

Located on the mountain of Montjuïc, the park, in addition to extensive gardens and green areas, the visitor will find museums, emblematic buildings and the Olympic ring with its facilities created for the 1992 Games. The landscaping of Montjuïc began to take shape after the Universal Exhibition of 1929. With a certain general classicist aftertaste, the gardens offer a delicious plunge into the greenest universe of the city.

Laribal Gardens
You have to discover its Font del Gat. They lead to the Teatre Grec, inspired by ancient Greek theatres.

Miramar Gardens
Balcony with colorful flower beds that offers beautiful views of the city and the port.

Historic Botanical Garden
Hidden in two hollows of old quarries, it has its own climate that facilitates the development of Euro-Siberian species.

Mayor’s Lookout
This garden terrace, very close to Montjuïc Castle, offers a spectacular view of the port.

Gardens of Joan Maragall
Neoclassical in style, they are located around the Palacete Albéniz, residence of the Spanish royal family in Barcelona.

Created for the Universal Exhibition of 1929, the garden project was carried out by Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier. Neoclassical in style, they are located around the Albéniz Palace, which is used as the residence of the Spanish royal family when they visit Barcelona and for gala receptions by the City Council. For this reason, its gardens are in accordance with the surroundings of the Mansion, with large areas of trees, sculptures, ornamental fountains, it is one of the most beautiful in the city.

Botanical Garden
It is an excellent representation of the similarity between Mediterranean species and those from other parts of the world.

Viewpoint of Poble Sec
It is located on the slope that overlooks the Poble Sec district. It is worth visiting its pond with aquatic plants.

Sculpture garden
Attached to the Miró Foundation, it contains, as its name suggests, sculptures by various artists.

Gardens of Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer
Avenue Miramar, 30,

The Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer garden is by far one of the most beautiful in Barcelona. The combination of the various blooms and the seasonal changes of the leaves of its trees, give this space dedicated to bulbous, rhizomatous and aquatic plants, an exceptional color scheme. Each season has its charm and color. The serenity and landscape design of the place alone justify a visit.

Gardens of Joan Brossa
Inaugurated in 2003 on the land that formerly housed the Montjuïc Amusement Park.

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