Monument to Columbus

On the occasion of the universal exhibition of 1888, different improvement and urbanization works were carried out on the seafront, one of them is the Monument to Christopher Columbus erected as a tribute to the discoverer.

Inauguration: June 1, 1888
Architect: Cayetano Buigas
Monument height: 60 meters
Statue height: 7 meters

The interior of the monument has an elevator that goes up to the viewpoint, where we can contemplate magnificent views of Port Vell. In the circular base of the monument we find 8 lions that protect the monument, the shields of the provinces of Spain and different representations of episodes from the life of Columbus.

– For its construction, the Spanish government contributed 30 tons of bronze from military material waste.

– Columbus’s finger: There are many who believe that the finger points to America, if that were the case, the orientation of the finger would have to point to La Rambla, there are several versions; since he indicates the exit to the sea from the port to Genoa, his possible city or Mallorca, in his left arm he holds a navigation chart.

-The statue of Columbus was married in 1992 with the statue of Liberty that is in Vegas, this act was part of the project “Honeymoon” by the artist Antoni Miralda.

-We have seen her dressed as an advertising support for Nike with the Barça FC shirt.


Plaça Portal de la pau
08001 Barcelona

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