Casa de los Canónigos o dels Canonges

Gothic Quarter

Gothic building from the 14th century, restored.
It is located between Bisbe, Pietat and Paradis streets.

Home works XIII century, Gothic and Neo-Gothic style. The whole complex has been reformed over the centuries, one of the most important reforms was the one initiated by Joan Rubió i Bellver in the twenties of the last century.

It was the house where the monks who left the enclosure settled more than 700 years ago, in reality they are the houses of the canons since they brought together several buildings. Each building was projected around an open-air patio with access stairs to the main floor.

It is the official residence of the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The first president to use it was Francesc Macià (1859 – 1933), since the establishment of democracy its first president Jordi Pujol (1978), never used it as a private residence and none of the presidents elected to date have done so.

…The skull pierced by a dagger from the Pont del Bisbe.
The neo-Gothic bridge of Bisbe street, which joins the Generalitat with the Casa dels Canonges, shows, in its lower part, a skull pierced by a dagger, gossips say that the skull is real. The reason for its existence and meaning may have to do with the spite of the architect who built it in 1928, Joan Rubió i Bellver, a disciple of Gaudí and a fan of modernist symbology, who was cut short by some of his architectural plans for the Gothic Quarter. .


Entre las calles del Bisbe, Pietat y Paradis.

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