Barcelona Beer Tradition

Barcelona is a city of beer. This may have something to do with the fact that the oldest remains of beer in Europe, which date from 3,000 BC, are found in the Cave of Can Sadurní, near the city of Barcelona. In the 19th century, Louis Moritz and Auguste Damm came to Barcelona from Alsace and went on to found the first large beer factories in Spain. Both brands, Moritz and Damm, have been both culturally and socially intertwined with Barcelona ever since. Enjoying a fine beer in Barcelona is very common. Beer combines with entertainment

A few craft beers

El Vaso de Oro. As its slogan claims, it is the “source of all beer”. C/ de Balboa, 6, Barceloneta.

La Cervesera Artesana. Perfect for savouring original craft beers. C/ Sant Agustí, 14.

Homo Sibaris. A multicultural venue devoted to showcasing the best in beer. Plaça Osca, 4.

A few craft beers

Birra 08. English classic, single variety of hops, amber colour, fruity flavour.

Krut. Golden-coloured beer that combines the yeast used in champagne with Citra hops.

Almogàver. Refreshing, full-bodied beer. Flavours include caramel and anise.

Espiga Bruna. A dark beer that is a blend of sweet and bitter flavours.

Gothia Launia. Crafted with malted barley, hops flower and yeast.

La antigua fábrica Moritz de la Ronda San Antonio, 41 fue transformada por el arquitecto Jean Nouvel en el año 2001 en un espacio para el arte, la cultura y el diseño


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