Sant Pere and Santa Caterina neighborhoods

In these neighborhoods, the guilds of craftsmen who developed different trades were grouped in the Middle Ages. They used to settle on the same street, which is why most of them have trade names.

Their names indicate this to us: Carders street (Carders. Those who card the wool), Assaonadors street, where the fur and leather artisans settled. Plaza de la Llana, which was the old wool market.

Examples of streets:

Carrer Calders: Cauldrons. Espasería: Makers of swords. Flassaders: Manufacture of blankets. Sombrerers: Hats. Agullers: needles and fishing utensils.

… And many more streets. I propose a game! On your walk, look at the names and deduce the trade.

Calles del rec: Rec Comptal brought water from the Besos River for this reason the textile trades were located near these streets due to their need for water; Cotton, wool, leather tanners settled in this area. In the middle of the s. XIX grouped 280 companies in the textile sector. Espai Escénic Brossa (Carrer Allada Vermell). Pl. De Sant Agusti. Palace of Catalan Music. Santa Caterina Market. Chocolate Museum.

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