Palau Güell

La Rambla

Built between 1885 and 1890 by Antonio Gaudí, as the residence in Barcelona of Eusebio Güell, great patron of Gaudí, it was the home of the Güell family until they moved to Park Güell.
The palace is Gothic-inspired with elements of oriental and Islamic art, the façade is made of white stone from the Garraf quarries and is presided over by two large arches and spectacular wrought iron bars, between the two bars we can see the coat of arms of Catalonia and at the top the Phoenix Bird.
Its interior contains an extraordinary wealth of details, from the great monumental staircase that leads to the main hall, its interior patio crowned by a large dome that allows natural light to enter, and its roof terrace where we find twenty chimneys of great beauty. and the curious lightning rod that rises above the central dome that it incorporates; a bat, the compass rose and a Greek cross.
The palace houses stables in the basement worth visiting, accessed through a ramp designed by Gaudí.
In this work Gaudí surrounded himself with the best technicians, artisans, artists, painters, sculptors, decorators, cabinetmakers, iron forgers, potters and marble workers.

It was one of the first important commissions that Antonio Gaudí received
The two bars of the main entrance represent two snakes, you can see that their tails draw the letters E and G of Eusebio Güell.
Declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984.


Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 3-5
08001 Barcelona

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