Harbor cable car

At the end of the route in the Barceloneta neighborhood is the Torre de San Sebastián station, easy to locate due to its height, you can take the aerial cable car that takes you to the Montjuïc mountain and enjoy the tour you have done from the air.

The idea of the Cable Car was conceived by the engineer and architect Carles Buigas on the occasion of the 1929 exhibition, the lack of private financing delayed the project, which was not completed until 1931. The cable car connects the Montjuïc mountain with the seaside neighborhood of Barceloneta. You can take it in Barceloneta and walk through the Monjuïc mountain and enjoy a walk through its parks contemplating Barcelona.

Distance between the two ends of the route: 1,300 m.
Height of the Stations above sea level:
Miramar: 57 m.
Jaime I Tower: 101 m.
San Sebastián Tower: 70 m.

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